Building Enterprise 3D Web Applications

Duration: 50 mins
Prakash Vadrevu
Tech Lead, ThoughtWorks
Gourav Agarwal
Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

We live in a world where user experience is a key element of web application design. As technology evolves, a 3D interface gives a whole new level of user experience compared to its 2D counterpart. Building such an enterprise 3D web application presents a gamut of challenges. Using Three.js, Webgl and an example of a complex structure like a house with thousands of elements including furniture, plumbing fixtures, etc., this talk aims to present some such challenges and possible solutions:

  • How to get a cross sectional view of the house?
  • How to illuminate an L shaped (apart from regular rectangle / square shapes) room and darken rest of the house?
  • How to identify only the visible furniture in the room from the user's viewpoint to facilitate customisation of furniture?
  • How to deal with memory constraints in browsers while rendering such huge 3D models?

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